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Project Photo Album: The Mircea Cantacuzino School of Aviation

Project status: Completed

Project name:
The Mircea Cantacuzino School of Aviation Photo Album

The idea for such an album emanated from the desire, the right, and a sense of responsibility to re-live the sensation I felt after viewing images of a rich cultural history that lay dormant in many minds, personal photo albums, and the National Archives of Romania.
In retracing the past, one discovers events and people interwoven to form a rich tapestry of a once contemporary culture, representing the ambitions and dreams of many.

After going through this album, our wish is for people to rejoice and have a sense of pride for what was achieved in the past, in a country still very much disentangling itself from a checkered past. Let this album be a point of reference, should a reminder of what can be achieved ever be needed.

Benefits to the community:
The opening of The Mircea Cantacuzino School of Aviation was a key landmark in the history of the Romanian aviation because the values of the military aviators, both as pilots and especially as teachers, found a way to manifest themselves. The young people of the elite within the Romanian society proved their character and determination, being trained in the ‘bravery school’ and even if the school operated on foreign plane, the upsurge of tourism aviation opened new opportunities for the Romanian aircraft industry to build aircrafts for the air tourism. With these aircrafts pilots licensed at the Mircea Cantacuzino School of Aviation, such as Ionel Ghica, made aviation history.

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Project: Website

With this project we aim to present the history of the Mircea Cantacuzino School of Aviation and what it meant for the aviation industry in Romania

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